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Среднощна Елегия

On a sleepless night in a gray room, a woman lies numb in her bed with eyes inspecting the ceiling. Worries, memories, dreams are refracted through the reflection in the mirror. After nights like this what does the morning bring us?

Film notes

I believe everyone has had one of those lonely and torturous insomnic nights when one has to face the question “Who am I?”, when sleep just won’t come and we are left alone with ourselves and all choices past...
This is the story of a woman who is trying to find her place in the world and make sense of her existence. She is caught in the night, in the translucent space of self-isolation and inertia. We take a glimpse at different stages of her night while the boundaries between dream and reality mix to expose the most intimate questions the woman has to face. This is a turning point in her life. Past, present and future come together in a surreal mixture to lead to a final morning decision.
For me an elegy describes the film best as the mood is minor but yet poetic, just as the bitter-sweet feeling of sadness and loneliness. One might just be caught in those...
Silviya Ivanova




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