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I'm a baby in a 1950s backyard, facing a box camera. I'm a sleepy child at the "pictures", waking up to a film noir, watching a doomed man. My mind flickers from past to present, in memories and dreams. The man dies. Click! The photo is taken. I walk home from the "pictures", fast asleep.

Film notes

A baby in a backyard, a box camera. A sleepy child and a film noir, a dead man walking.

*B&W animation with pieces of a 1950 film noir.*
A photograph is an image of the past, captured in a moment.
A film is a string of moving photographs with sound: the walking, talking dead.
Otherwise, the past is animated in our minds, a moving memorial in the imagination.
In a photo of me, I'm the baby in the backyard with my family and a box camera.
And I'm the sleepy child who sees Death walking at the Darra picture theatre.
As a director today I use animation, photographs and fragments of an old film noir to create scenes from childhood both animated and photographic.
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