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The Goldfish Who Swam Out of the Fishbowl

A corrupted chauffeur must kill a renowned scientist on the way to the airport in order to save his younger sister from dangerous kidnappers, who wants to stop the scientist from carrying out his research.

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"The Goldfish who swam out of the Fishbowl" grew out of my keen interest in telling a story of a certain individual named Balaram Dutta. Balaram would stop at nothing to protect his family. He has a young sister whom he wants to see as a respected woman. But then, he can take wrong paths to secure her future. That, to Balaram, might not be a sin. A complicated, yet extremely sympathetic character like him, is what drew me to tell his story. The film follows him on one such journey which changes his life upside down. There are amalgamations of many characters in Balaram which I have seen earlier around me and explores the theme of betrayal in a dark and unsettling socio-political setting.
The script of the film grew out of that uncomfort which I felt on seeing similar incidents around me. This story needed to be told and through this, I explore a few of such characters about whom the world should know.
Though I pray, this never happens with anyone!
A Goldfish is a very unique kind of fish who cannot survive when taken out of the fishbowl. It cannot survive in a pond or any other water body as a matter of fact. Many of us and of course all the characters in this film are just like that. Taken out of their comfort zone, they eventually die from within.




Copyright © 2017 Tathagata Ghosh

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