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Da Capo

Penelope is a classical pianist living in Los Angeles. Despite her impressive training, she has been struggling to make her dream happen and has decided to sell her upright piano before moving back home with her parents. Xavier, a single father and former jazz pianist comes to buy her piano for his teenage son, from whom he is estranged. Upon this chance encounter, these two strangers realize that they have more in common than they think.

Film notes

Da Capo is an Italian musical term meaning “from the top.” The story explores the idea of failure, and the way a musician's creative life, or any artist's creative life, can often be more painful than beautiful.

In addition to this being a female-driven story, the crew was predominantly female. The writer (who is the lead actress), director, producer, and cinematographer are all women, while the other actor and associate producer are two men of color. This production was an attempt at encouraging females behind the camera as much as it was telling a story featuring two under-represented voices in front of the camera.




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