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Ulrike Meinhof, obviously exhausted from her suffering, is in a state of hysteria. However, she is still strong enough to impeach the real face of this society and that of the so-called democratic political power.

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The film presents the last moments of Ulrike Meinhof who was kept completely isolated from 1972 to 1976. As a symbol, she was chosen by Fo and Rame to put in her mouth words that reveal every moment, making it an identity, what it seems to seek an abusive political power of a society. The timeless meaning of these words gave rise to escape the text from the theatrical monologue, to give life becoming a movie picture, directed, Adaptatied and Screenplay by Emmanuel G. Mavros, with Zetta Pasparakis holding the key Woman's role - a symbol, Ulrike Meinhof.

For Greece and its citizens that the last four years are bombarded by an absolute abuse of political power, a country that counts over 4000 suicides, 2 million and over unemployed, hundreds of homeless, Showing the total the infringement of human personality and existence, in a country that continues and will continue to bleed, the symbolic nature of Ulrike Meinhof and the words of Fo and Rame, make this movie the last and final effort to save this country and its citizens from the parliamentary dictatorship of a supposedly post-dictatorship democracy, to get rid of the shackles of an authoritarian totalitarian mechanism, having as a basic aim to indolence and put down to sleep - which until now has succeeded in projecting concepts and institutions, destroying the best out of this country: the thought, culture, sun and smile.

Away from any political and partisan identities the film aims to highlight the biological and spiritual passion of humanity into the absolute isolation, but also the need of freedom of thought, the necessity of free will. Its purpose the last awaken of the sleeping blissfully blessed inhabitants of all organized states.

Emmanuel G. Mavros



Copyright © 2014 Emmanuel Mavros & Cinepolis Mayea Pictures

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