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A child challenges an adult’s momentary lapse in judgment.

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Based on the poem by Donald G. Westlake, “Scrappy” is based on a true story from my father’s childhood in Elburn, IL, USA in 1934. A neighbor of his named Mr. Sheeley really did threaten to shoot my father’s dog when my dad was 6 years old. My father really did stand up to the man, putting himself between the gun and Scrappy, and he and his dog were spared. This kind of an incident seems ‘unthinkable’ now…When my father reads this poem to today’s audiences, they invariably ask if my grandparents sued the neighbor or pressed criminal charges for pointing a gun at my dad. Absolutely not. Mr. Sheeley’s behavior was momentarily extreme, but my grandparents felt that their son’s dog was definitely in the wrong for often killing off Mr. Sheeley’s property/livelihood. Compare and contrast this with all the problems we still have with gun violence in the United States. Besides disputes between neighbors, we have murders and injuries due to guns within families, between lovers, in schools, dance clubs, movie theaters, airports…There are even gun-based provocations so that a troubled person can commit “suicide by cop”. Also, we have unfortunately even seen some in law enforcement operate under a perverse “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality. Gun possession and gun violence seem so ingrained in our culture that any outrage or shock over gun incidents in society are quickly muted with calls to observe moments of silence. So, why do today’s audiences find it so strange that my grandparents didn’t take Mr. Sheeley to court?
In my first draft of the script, I told the story as it happened…to a little boy. From the second draft, I decided to make the protagonist a girl. I have no quick or easy answers for how to stop the uptick in gun purchases and gun violence, but I do know that girls can be heroes and leaders…and hopefully, they can present films that inspire a call to action so that fewer beings become preyed upon.
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Current and upcoming screenings

12 Jan – 13 Jan | Dunedin, United States

Previous screenings

Reel Women UK | 2016
10 Nov | Cambridge, United Kingdom
Vittoria Peace Film Festival | 2016
12 Dec – 15 Dec | Vittoria, Italy
Certamen de Cine Corto de Salas de Los Infantes | 2016
26 Dec – 29 Dec | Burgos, Spain
18 Apr – 19 Apr | Granada, Spain
8 May – 11 May | Valladolid, Spain
25 May – 27 May | Angri, Italy
Porto7: Oporto International Short Films Festival
14 Jun – 18 Jun | Porto, Portugal
21 Jun – 25 Jun | Nettuno, Italy
Premio Carpine d'Argento CortiFestival | 2017
30 Jun – 2 Jul | Visciano, Italy
23 Jul – 27 Jul | Verona, Italy
29 Jul – 5 Aug | Italy
10 Aug – 14 Aug | Weiterstadt, Germany
31 Aug – 17 Sep | London, United Kingdom
3rd Invicines: Festival de Cine Social | 2017
2 Sep – 9 Sep | Cordoba, Argentina
2 Sep – 6 Sep | Ferizaj, Kosovo
Golden Urartu | 2017
15 Sep | Ararat, Armenia
20 Sep – 24 Sep | Sacramento, United States
22 Sep – 24 Sep | Catania, Italy
FeSanCor: Chilean International Short Film Festival
25 Sep – 2 Oct | Santiago, Chile
Festival Internacional del Cortometraje | 2017
6 Oct – 28 Oct | Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina
River Aire Ten Minute Amateur International Film Festival | 2017
14 Oct | Keighley, United Kingdom
Maldito Festival de Videopoesia | 2017
Maldito Poetry Film Fest
26 Oct | Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 Nov – 5 Nov | Fredericton, Canada
2 Nov – 2 Dec | Granada, Spain
8 Mar | Medea, Italy
29 Mar – 4 Apr | Athens, Greece
Festival Nudo de Poesia Visual | 2018
19 Apr – 22 Apr | Barcelona, Spain
Divercine: International Film Festival for Kids and Youths
23 Jul – 27 Jul | Montevideo, Uruguay
23 Aug – 26 Aug | Waterville, Ireland
3 Sep – 21 Sep | Colombia
Otros Cines: Muestra Nacional de Cine Independiente | 2018
19 Sep – 23 Sep | San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina
27 Sep – 30 Sep | Berlin, Germany

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