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Seul à Seule

Maxim is a young twenty-year old, in search for his identity. Although he grew up in a warm family with his sister Mona (25), who is equally adopted, Maxim is wrestling with questions about his adoption, making him decide to go look for answers. Mona on the other hand, doesn't bother with this and ignores the question marks in her life. Driven by desperate curiosity to find out the truth, the closer Maxim gets though, the bigger his fear for this life change conquers him. His determination provokes Mona into questioning her way of accepting reality, of not knowing where she comes from. Eventually both brother and sister are dealing with these demons, though Maxim is not finding the satisfaction he was hoping for.

Film notes

Telling this story, Seul à Seule, was actually a necessity. I tell my stories to process. Since I was little, I didn’t have much contact with my father.
I always questioned the importance of family and parenthood. I had a great relationship with my mother, my brother, my grandparents but my father didn’t have a role in my life. I tried to ignore my curiosity towards him. But at the same time I felt a necessity to know who I was. I couldn’t ignore the similarities of our behavior anymore the few times I saw him. So I started to think about the impact of education and the impact of DNA.
A story about Maxim, a young twenty year old who’s looking for identity, was the result of this. The two characters, Mona and Maxim, are the personification of my contradictory attitude towards this topic.




Copyright © 2016 Laura Van Haecke

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