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Rusigimin Somoi

Sengkam is a young kid, the eldest of the family, of a small town whose mother is a low level employee of a govt. office. His mother got the job on compassionate ground for her deceased husband. Their family had lost much money the process of fighting for a job through various formalities and adamant authorities (most common in India). That left Sengkam's family in an unending need for money. However, as every aspiring young Indian, Sengkam went for higher studies (polytechnic or jr. engineering course) to a bigger city that put extra hardships on his mother. For that, his mother had taken money from almost everybody from where she could, including banks. Being poor, Sengkam rented a room in an uncomplete house that was just like a store room without proper furnishings. He also has a room partner (James), junior to him, of similar family condition from a village. Despite being 2 years junior and Sengkam failing all the time along with his friends, they were all in same class now. It was a last chance for Sengkam and friends to clear the course. From the very beginning, Sengkam has been easy going and his room serves as an ideal place for his friends to hang around, as it was free; the owners stay far away from it. So, Sengkam's friends would come regularly to hang around and enjoy...Regular visitors among them were Silang and Alex, from reputed families easily recognized everywhere and those, who could not getaway unnoticed in the city. So, Sengkam's place was ideal for them in every way. James would remind Sengkam to be serious about his studies and understand about the condition of his mother. However, Sengkam was always adamant and easily deceived by enjoyments along with his careless rich friends. In the end, Sengkam's carelessness and negligence made him fail. He regrets, but the time was over.




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