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مدح التربه

Kuca and İbn are two people who are depending on each other in order to stay a life. İbn, who is trying to sustain his common sense in spite of the death, is digging a grave for Kuca, the old navvy, who is about to die.

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To me it is on the brink of the abyss cinema and a historic step should be taken to recover it. The Movie policy should get rid of politics and money. Art, of course, founded on domination will go broke. I think that there should be cooperation in science and art. I think that the loss of respect for the great masters of cinema. I see you shoot a short film to get a state of widespread diseases among young people. But I believe they are soulless. Only if you want to see and ended in farce plaque to collect. People want to get involved in films addressing the individual problems. Individuals are rotting.




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