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In a world where dreams all connect to a field of doors, in which each door leads into a new individual’s deepest dreams, Tom is a Dream Watchman. He makes sure people’s dreams are running correctly. Though his job takes place in a world full of endless imagination, he has fallen into a content routine of watching and observing. Tom doesn’t interfere with dreamers no matter the situation. He feels that it’s not his job to help a dream; he is there to do his job and no more. The lack of interaction has become very comfortable to him. He enjoys the rules and has never thought to break them. When seven year old, Julie finds her way out of her dream; her optimistic and friendly attitude is very jarring to Tom. In a deal for Julie to reveal her name, Tom agrees to bring Julie along with him through a few dreams. Julie’s expectations of imagination and wonder are not exactly met. Throughout their journey, Julie breaks Tom’s rule of not interfering. By doing so, she shows him the potential good he can do with his job. She tells him he should be keeping the dreamers safe, not just watching them. She even gives him a new nametag reading, “Tom, Dream Keeper”. Unknowingly, Julie’s childlike thinking gives Tom a new perspective on his job in the world. The next day, Tom decides to take Julie’s advice and make a difference to the people he has been given the power to help.

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When I started writing the script, I knew I wanted to tell a story about having a change of perspective. I wanted to show that the simplest change of perspective could have a large affect on a person’s life as well as the lives around them. I also knew I wanted to display the simplicity of a child. The real difference between Julie and Tom boils down to her childlike perspective. Tom lives in a state of mind that most all adults have come to know. He is bogged down my rules and expectations of his society. His perspective is clouded by the rules of his job. Yet Julie comes with a pure look at everything. When she sees someone is in trouble, it’s her natural reaction to help them. It’s as simple thought; someone is in trouble so you help. Tom however would see the same situation as; someone is in trouble, that’s their problem and it’s not my job interfere. Dreamkeeper has dreams in the story. The problem with this is how people start to think, “It’s a film about dreams.” Dreamkeeper is a film about perspective and not being a bystander, which just so happens to take place in a dream world. This is not a concept that would only take place in a dream world. It applies to everyday life. I knew when I started the concept art for the dream world that I wanted to create a world that is grounded to reality yet still has mystical elements. I wanted to use colors, production design, and lighting to convey a feeling that anything is possible yet at times those possibilities are limited. I think the film definitely turned out well. It’s been a beautiful journey helping it come to life.


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