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A man with PTSD faces the challenges it brings while side stories of racial tension build ultimately leading up to a tipping point where the man with PTSD gives a speech metaphorically holding a mirror up to society.

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Co-Directors: Shawnon Lott and Mitch Makowicz, both veterans themselves, use a cast of only military veterans. Filmed only in Maryland with no budget and a cast of 16 and a crew of 2.

TypeCast consists of an all volunteer cast of 16 and a crew of only 2, all of which are veterans of the military. Co-Directors Shawnon Lott and Mitch Makowicz completed every task needed from pre-production through post-production all while also appearing in the film. TypeCast had the bare minimum in regards to equipment, which appeals to a key element to the film. TypeCast is a harsh look at where our nation and society stand today. This film aims to try and begin the process of healing as a nation.




Copyright © 2016 Mitchel Makowicz

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