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A man riding his motorcycle in the streets of Beirut is tailed by other motorcycles. Afraid, he escapes the gang and locks himself in his apartment. A mysterious woman gives him an 8mm camera. That 8mm camera will save his life.

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This is a typical “Film Noir”, with a twisted end. This is one of my favorite movie genres, that is why I love to watch them and try to make them... They are fun to watch, easy to understand and deliver a small message at the end without forcing a moral lesson at the audience.
It’s a 3 minute film. Yes. But for the main character it will feel like a lifetime. The movie opens with our strong manly hero; in danger and on the run.He is tailed down by scary gangsters on their roaring motorcycles. He manages to escape them, but not for long since they followed him home. He decides to face them and stop his running.
The turning point of the movie, is when that 8mm camera gets delivered to his house by a mysterious beautiful woman. Rushed into facing his aggressors, he mistakenly grabs the 8mm camera instead of the gun. Only when he is standing in front of the twelve angry gangsters, and reaches for his gun to point it at them in self defense, only then he notices that he is holding an 8mm camera instead. The gangsters will laugh at him after seeing with what he is threatening them, and slowly starts approaching him with roaring teeth. He keeps pointing the camera at them, and they keep coming closer to him.
The woman suddenly comes out of nowhere, holding a cardboard with these words written on it: “This Camera posts live content on the internet.” And then she steps out as fast as she got in. The gangsters pause down for a minute, look at each other, and miraculously put on a new joyful attitude, and start posing for the camera.
The danger is eliminated.
It’s a satirical short movie, that might sound longer than 3min long when you read it’s plot, but the cuts will be fast, energetic and straight to the point. After all, it’s a suspense movie. The shots will be rehearsed and timed before shooting them, in order to guaranty that they will be within the 3min timeline. The audio will capture the atmosphere of the city at night, the sound of the motorcycles,




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