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Pan Zhog

Mori-so and Gim have been neighbors, friends and partners of Pan Zhog catering banquets for decades. One day Mori-so gets a mid-night phone call sending the message of her best friend's death. The end of life suddenly approaches so near. Daily life seems revolving as usual afterwards yet Mori-so is well aware of the missing one. Mori-so decides to cater a supper for Gim and her families to say goodbye in the way Mori-so and Gim both familiar with.

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'Pan Zhog' means out door banquet in Hakka, it is the period mark for every death, wedding or celebration in town. Blurring the line of fiction and non-fiction, ‘Pan Zhog’ is a sentimental short film about saying goodbye.

We can see how food to be connected closely with human beings in history. The smells of food can arouse the deepest desire of people. There are all kinds of regulation, restriction between food and ritual in mostly every religious faith. The way people eat even marked them to a larger ethnic community. Language as a tool for group living community to approach meanings, demonstrate consciousness, it is definitely political and empowered with authority, identity awareness, and the sense of existence. Our lives constructed in space, and memories were hidden in every corner of public and private spheres. Short film "Pan Zhog" tells a story of two Hakka females who are friends and worked as chefs of outdoor banquets for several decades. After one passed away suddenly, how people adapts the rest of life without her best company? Food, ritual, language and space, "Pan Zhog" combined the diverse issues mentioned above into a story to represent the look of daily life amongst the local area. "Pan Zhog" represented my childhood memories of how my grandmother worked in the bustling atmosphere of outdoor banquets. Set up location shootings in Qionglin Township, "Pan Zhog" gathered contemporary points, Hakka village and elderly female as its background. The combination of repetitious, routine of food and ritual is the approach to local culture. Through the grief triggered by death, "Pan Zhog" attempted to witness how people managed to make the adieu between the repetitions of ritual.
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Awards and nominations

Grand Prize
19 Mar – 27 Mar | Taiwan
Best Art Director
19 Mar – 27 Mar | Taiwan
MMBF Rising Star Award
14 Apr – 1 May | United Kingdom
Grand Prize
12 May – 22 May | Taiwan
Special Jury Prize
13 Oct – 23 Oct | Taiwan

Previous screenings

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival
18 Sep – 27 Sep | Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mica Film Festival | 2016
22 Feb – 26 Feb | Manaus, Brazil
23 Feb – 28 Feb | Carbondale, United States
10 Mar – 14 Mar | Dublin, Ireland
Golden Harvest Awards and Short Film Festival | 2016
19 Mar – 27 Mar | Taipei, Taiwan
Grand Prize
Best Art Director
14 Apr – 1 May | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
MMBF Rising Star Award
Urban Nomad Film Fest | 2016
12 May – 22 May | Taïpei, Taiwan
Grand Prize
International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul | 2016
2 Jun – 8 Jun | Seoul, Korea, South
13 Oct – 23 Oct | Taipei, Taiwan
Special Jury Prize

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