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In the center of stark white room set up as an office is a table on which a computer, appointment book, calculator, pen, clock, radio, bowl filled with differently colored balls and a Newton ball set are arranged in symbolic relationship to one another. A man in a suit supervises the items from his armchair, and is concerned with keeping the items working in order. To ensure the continuance of the system, the man interferes at regular intervals to replace broken Newton balls, one color after another. While the system maintains its pace, the graph on the computer screen as well as the numbers on the calculator show an increase in profit. The suited man’s pleasure increases with the profit margins and is fed by his clear control over the system at play... until an unanticipated roadblock presents itself.

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The symbolic story of the struggle of each individual member of society to show their own true colours.




Copyright © 2016 Hüseyin Urcuk

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