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An engaged man arriving from a long trip takes a cab home to find out he's boyfriend is not ready to get married.

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As an artist and film-maker everything I do in life derives from the idea I'm alive. If I'm alive, I'm completely in love. Everything around me has importance, and I believe we need to give more emphasis to vital issues; this is being lost with time. Without the moral and ethical compasses we create by ascribing value to humanity’s issues, we become desensitized and more skeptical. In such a world-context I would likely die. I don’t know if I could live in an insensible world. I draw my inspiration from the sensitivities, and sensibilities of a world built on the senses, denotatively and connotatively – from brushing my teeth to composing quick texts to the intensest moments I’ve captured. And living by this principle I’m driven to expose myself artistically in a diverse array of related forms. Articulating Humanity’s sincerest emotions through people’s feelings as they’re formed makes me magnificently happy. We need to stop whatever we’re in the midst of, look around us and realize we can be, and we are living in a more poetic way. The day I don’t feel empathetic interest and inspiration for/from others’ lives, my world will be void and the embodiment of Nietze’s tupiniquim.



Copyright © 2015 Thomas Nascimento

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