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Gone to the Dogs

Lecherous, chain-smoking Jack retires to a seaside town with his wife Rose. While Rose makes the best of her time, Jack is happy to see out his days taking in the nicotine and admiring the flesh. But it’s a dead-end for him in more ways than one. After a sudden heart attack, Jack dies and returns to Earth as a scruffy stray dog. He's soon taken in by Rose who has no idea that this hairy waif is her late husband. So begins Jack's bizarre journey of self-discovery as he struggles with his new existence and finally learns what a good marriage is all about.

Film notes

"What Dogs Are You?"

Some say the Internet is the curse of the modern age, a dream world of trivia and debauchery but producer Mark Riley saw the importance of a dogs website to consolidate all the current information about Gone to the Dogs, aimed at financial investors and industry professionals alike. Philip Barnard designed the website with Simone Gager of Pixdofly. He also devised an online game to attract attention of the entire world, in particular dog lovers and bored people in offices. Thus What Dog Are You? was born, a classic blend cod science and contemporary obsession with psychometric tests. The game was brought to life by an ingenious interface created by programming genius Alexander Barnard, the director’s brother.

What Dog Are You? became an instant global hit and earned the production a BAFTA nomination before one single frame of the film was shot. The website garnered international acclaim and was featured on television and radio shows across the world. The success of the website finally via a DVD sales strategy finally netted the finance required to shoot the film thanks to Reckless Edge Productions and Lindexus Finance who then came on board.

When shooting started on Saturday May 14th, had received 3,587,930 visitors and continues to receive thousands of visitors every week.

"What Kind of Dog Are You?"
Ever wondered what kind of dog you'd be? A schnauzer or a shitzu? A bichon frise or a bulldog.




Copyright © 2005 Ralphs and Reckless Edge

Previous screenings

20 Oct – 22 Oct | Wandsworth, United Kingdom

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12 (United Kingdom)

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