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Labirinto do Criador

A man, dealing with solitude, gives life to a clay puppet. But it makes him question the meaning of his own life.

Film notes

This is my first work as a director. I've been looking forward to make a film out of this story, It's a story about a man that could be any of us, he is alone and he does something to change this situation, as any of us would do.
I really enjoyed making this film, and I consider it a part of me. Many people asked me if the creator was god, or if the plot was christian related, but when I started the screenplay I simply though of the character as a man. Then I realized that even as an atheist, deep inside I could have been thinking about god, after all, I believe that a director doesn't make films about what he believes, a director makes films about what he wants to believe.



Copyright © 2014 Thiago Beckenkamp Brito

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