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darkleto (dittiko antimediatiko - capitolo #2)

An old and tired Hamlet repeats his soliloquy over and over. Behind the closed curtain, he is anguished by his eternal dilemma: to preserve the purity of his own identity or to conceal it behind the deceitfulness of an obscure social media facade. The existential question must be solved before the curtain is opened and the show starts: To be (oneself) or not to be (what you really are). The iconic smile of the skull seems to suggest the answer: you need to sacrifice the “ego” in order to exist in this media drama! The old dilemma becomes current and the question unsolved for centuries becomes a disturbing assertion: “to appear” is the new “to be”. The show seems to come to an end. But what if it had started before? And what if the Hamlet had always been aware of it? Is there any life outside the spectacularization of the media? In this metadrama, with both grief and rebirth, the answer to an eternal question is other eternal questions.


Animation Director
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Sound Designer
Assistant Sound Editor
Visual Effects Artists




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