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A Lenda da Mulher de Branco

Around the world, countless indications point to the existence of lonely spirits that materialize in our reality, interacting in a way we cannot comprehend yet.

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An interesting aspect of the film is the characteristics used in the cinematic perception. 
That is to say, during the film’s opening we establish a shot with a writer and a chess player playing by himself. 
In the following scenes we overview the same aspect in different cultures and scenarios - from London, England to Paris, France and Bavaria, Germany.
All the three scenes present an intense gloomy atmosphere. 
But as it starts in the Amazon area of Brazil, sound track and film change back to a colourful style until the sunset.

In the following scene, the atmosphere turns darker again and the sound track drives the audience to a very tense atmosphere again as the Woman in White appears, gets into the car and causes an accident. 
The audio track of the car crashing merges with the classic sound track of the police officer listening to Mozart and drinking coffee in a night shift.

In it’s closing scenes, the film uses two cinematic styles: a wide shot of a strange room where TV is located on the right side and black smoke on it’s left. The TV screen emits a very unpleasant static noise until it intercepts a TV frequency of a reporter presenting news about a supernatural occurrence, with statements of eye-witnesses. 

At the end, the Woman in White appears again and the reporter goes on a chase with a camera located in a point of view shot. It is not revealed what she sees and screams about, but the TV transmission cuts off and the static noise returns. 
The video and audio fade to black and the story unfolds to a scene where the Woman in White appears in a flash from a black smoke, breaking the fourth wall.
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