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For the Sanyals, what would have been just another ordinary day of house hunting, turns into a bizarre experience that they could never have imagined. As they set foot in this house, they are greeted by an enthusiastic caretaker who shows them around while narrating mysterious episodes from the lives of the three families previously owning the place. By the time the Sanyals realize that the house could in fact have a mind of its own, and that the three stories have a meaning that they must quickly comprehend for their own good, their mysteriously silent teenage son, who is getting out of control, has already chosen to disappear from their sight and explore the house all by himself. Could this family also be impacted by the ominous messages from the past? Can they ignore the adamant tingling of the wind chimes?

Film notes

Chimes has been a labor of passion for me. It is my second short film and the first that I shot with a professional crew.
Apart from entertaining the audience in a meaningful way, I also wanted to develop a unique style of storytelling and introduce my cinematic sensibilities to the world through this film. Apart from exploring the concept of telling four stories in one, I have also tried to experiment with the form and structure of storytelling, by fusing certain elements from the filmmaking styles of certain Western directors I greatly admire, such as Woody Allen and Francois Truffaut with the traditional Indian narrative style which I have grown up watching and which I feel more at home doing. I have always been fascinated by unique filmmaking styles, being a great believer in the auteur theory myself, and consequently have paid a great deal of attention to building a unique storytelling style through this film. I have also tried to blend dark humor with suspense and drama to tell the story. The legendary Polish director, Kieslowski once said that ideas are meant to be dramatized, not said. I have tried to follow his advice wholeheartedly in this film, hence I have treated this film as a dramatization of a thought or a concept only. There are multiple subtexts but they are for the audience to interpret. I have not given any explicit message in the film and have left it completely to the viewer to interpret the film in his or her unique way.
I firmly believe that short films is an experimental medium and is a very effective means of self-expression. Chimes is a very humble attempt on my part to bring a unique and interesting perspective to storytelling through this medium. I can only hope that it works with the audience and that they not only enjoy the film but also take back something from it.



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28 Aug – 30 Aug | Bangalore, India

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