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Summer Night

On an interesting summer night, Kent's night begins at a stand up comedy show. He gets lost in a comedian friend's constant joking and doesn't know when to take him seriously. Later that evening, Kent goes on a double date with his best friend only to find out that the girls canceled on them. After miscommunication with his waitress Kent gets heated and apologizes for making his best friend uncomfortable. The guys meet up with some friends and go to an arcade. Kent loses track of his best friend and the story becomes a trek to find his best friend.

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I'm sure we don't have to tell you, but it's crazy out here. We are all in our early 20's. The Simpsons had been on for 5 years by the time we were born so I guess you could say we came into a world of postmodernity. All of us children on 9/11, and having phones by the time we were in middle school. Things seem to have only gotten stranger and faster since then.

It is no secret that almost all the media we consume is created by the same 6 corporations and that "clicks" have become a new form of currency, with words like "content creator" and "brand equity" being taught in the classroom. But before we bum you out, we do believe there is hope and we believe that hope lies in transparency and love. In a world where entertainment an advertising often seem synonymous, the need for local art and culture is greater than ever. We hope dearly to speak to this need.

We could tell you our film has wonderfully irreverent comedic moments and visually outstanding photography, which we truly feel it does, but also anyone can say that. What we're really trying to do with this film is create a thoughtful portrayal of what it is like here for our generation and to connect with others through laughter, kindness, and above all a genuine hope for the future. We hope you can see that.
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Copyright © 2015 Kent Juliff

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