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A grouchy middle-aged woman, accompanied by her nephew and niece, who is to visit a friend to settle her debt with is fetched by a sarcastic driver who was sent as a substitute who, in turn, brought them to a mysterious place where he needs to settle a debt of his own.

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One of the main motivations for this film is to discuss issues of human trafficking and sudden disappearances in an indirect way and using a different genre. I did not want something that was literal and wanted to use speculative fiction. Many Asians get kidnapped and then we never see them again. Many are sexually abused and we never get to hear from them again. There is no justice for a lot of them. Reports show that many of the victims of human trafficking belong to minorities and LGBT communities in North Korea, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand - some of the highest ranked countries with rampant human-trafficking activities. Philippines has many cases too, quite sadly. Some cases listed were actually "supposed marriages" by gays to a foreigner that end up with tragic results. "Impas" wanted to talk about that with the character named Mona singularly representing the victims. It is tragic and shocking in many ways how we undervalue lives, equality and justice.
I hope to open up these issues when discussing my film because people need to be aware of such issues that they usually take for granted.

Another issue for me is that in many sci-fi films, aliens are always invading humans. There seem to be no room for negotiations. What if one human strikes a deal to bring others instead of him/her? Is this possible? Can an alien life form capable of this? In all cases of disappearances whether related to human-trafficking or otherwise, can there be that rare possibility of a trade-off? That someone offers himself/herself as bait to settle for his life debt. All these possibilities, for me, creates an atmosphere filled with fear and guilt - quite an odd mix in quiet and remote places anywhere in the world.




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