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Wong Kar Wai Üzerine Kısa Bir Film

Harun was abandoned by his prolonged girlfriend. Following this heartbreak while wondering around, he came across a street film seller Erhan. He recommends him Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Harun was dazzled by the movies and he begins to act like the characters in the movies.

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Sometimes we believe that our lives should be filmed or our lives should be like the ones in the films. We generally learn to miss ,to suffer,how to fall in love, how to suffer love ,from the movies and songs. While watching the movies,We feel happy whenever we find something familiar with us such as break-ups, fears ,excitements. We feel that we are not alone. We realize that there are people alike in the very far towns of the world. We share the same journey with them. That journey keeps us strong though it isn't the same as in the films. Even losing or being defeated gives us pleasure. Starting a new life becomes easier then.
With the world's globalization through internet, some Asian directors have showed that their cinema doesn't consist of only karate films. one of them is Wong Kar Wai ,from Hong Kong cinema. We felt the closeness to the love in his characters and the pureness of their tragicomic behaivours while they suffer from love. We withnessed that a man or a woman living in Turkey, can be impressed by not only Hollywood film characters but also the characters in the Asian films ,and lead their lives accordingly. While writing the script of ' A short film about Wong Kar Wai', we were inspired sometimes by our own lives and sometimes by the characters in Wong Kar Wai films.




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