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An Encounter in the Wilderness

Little Joshua is lost in a forest on a stormy night. Frightened and desperately seeking to find his way back into civilization, he finds two other human beings on separate occasions that should bring a relief to him. However a lighthouse in the distance warns him otherwise. Being terrified of the dark and the mysterious night, with only the companionship of the lighthouse he understands this certain light of the world. He finally comes face to face with Satan himself who raises the question about which is hell, the darkness in the jungle or the bright lights in the civilization we live in today? Joshua must choose.

Film notes

There is a light in the world. In the midst of the darkness of the world, its time you realized that the light is the answer.

An Encounter In The Wilderness – is a short film by writer, producer and director Tagore Almeida. The film is set in the wilderness on top of a mountain on a dark night wherein the only sight of light is from a distant lighthouse.

The film is a reflection of how we as individuals struggle in our darkness but there is always a light that leads us towards salvation. How many of us are aware of that light? How many of us surrender to that ray of hope and follow it? Last but not least, how many of us know the power of that light?




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