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Forgotten Ritual

7 seconds in. 11 seconds out. Breath in, breath out. The electricity is turned on and an operating system starts up. The smart phone is connected to the laptop, a cup of milk is filled. The computer is dust free, charged and ready. Ritual completed. The searching for “Fulfillment” starts. Breath feels ignored by Human's favorite electronic tool and starts to complain about Human’s priorities. Remembering all it’s capabilities, Breath reaches out to Human for the last time.

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Director's notes:

In the modern world of multitasking, technology is not just an incredible tool helping us in our busy lives but seems to have become an unmissable member of our families. The presence of screens is the most popular focus in our daily lives. Tablets, TV, smartphones, laptops, desktops, iPods... we have never been more connected to the world around us. But what if we are not connected to the most important person we need to be?

I chose to film in color with a completely black and white environment, costumes and props. The clinical set up creates focus on the main subject without distractions. It achieves a clean and linear feel to express the mechanical behavior of a Human, who is using technology as the only tool to connect to other humans. Breath is visually portrayed through the red balloon, a colorful dress as well as with kinetic typography representing movement and limited freedom. The sound represents an equal balance to the image and expresses the most popular and used tools via computer - typing emails and comments, sharing, Skype, email coming in, Facebook chat, Viber & WhatsApp notification messages to name a few.

Why I made this film?
To remind the current me, my future self and everyone else who forgot, or never knew to begin with, about the basic human task… breathing.




Copyright © 2015 Mirjam Hlastan

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