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Blauwe Maan

Sun has a cheerful and cozy existence. Everyday he rises and shines down from heaven on the playing animals and colorful flowers, until evening falls and it is time to go down again. At that time all the animals go to sleep and the flowers close themselves. When Moon rises everything is quiet and deserted. Moon feels lonely and every morning when she makes way for the sun she is sad. Until one day a small rat sees Moon grief. All the animals have a chat with Sun and together they come up with a plan to cheer Moon up. When Sun is -like every other day- under the horizon, and Moon rises she sees to her astonishment, that there is a group of animals waiting for her. One by one the animals jump in the air towards Moon where their bodies turn into stars. Changing the dark sky in a twinkling starry constellation full of friendly animals. The Moon is no longer alone and is happy in the night sky.


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