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One Night

Behind closed doors, behind facades, behind the veil of night, what really goes on? A peepshow into the darker side of love, lust and loneliness, One Night is an intimate glimpse at the lives of five women over the course of a night out on the town.

Film notes

A peepshow into the darker side of love, lust and loneliness, One Night is rare and sticky glimpse behind the scenes of a night on the town.

With my incredibly talented team, we created a sonically driven, observational film. As One Night was designed to be fuelled by music and sound, I collaborated with a composer and sound designer right from the beginning. We shot mostly with available light, allowing the film to look as rough and unglamorous as it’s content. My cast were very carefully selected for their amazing ability to be both raw and real and managed to stun me every day on set and throughout the edit.

One Night was inspired by a collection of true stories heard over beers with the girls in years gone by, that made me at once feel horribly sick and laugh til I cried. In writing it, I became fascinated with the divide between the public and private personas. How do we behave when we think we’re being watched, as opposed to in private? What is the difference between what we project to the world and how we really feel; who we really are? Are others as together, happy and gorgeous as they seem? In a world dominated by seemingly flawless Hollywood blonds and booby front page stars, I loved moving into the stickier, uglier, messier areas of female behaviour.

Loneliness is not funny. Our behaviour is. At the end of the day we all want the same thing. We all want to love and be loved. It’s the way we go about it that causes so much drama… and humour.


Production Designer
Costume Designer
Title Artist
Sound Designer


Copyright © 2009 Alexandra Schepisi

Awards and nominations

Best Achievement in Editing
25 May – 29 May | Australia

Previous screenings

3 Jun – 21 Jun | Sydney, Australia
24 Jul – 9 Aug | Melbourne, Australia
12 Oct – 18 Oct | St Tropez, France
Hof International Film Festival
27 Oct – 1 Nov | Hof, Germany
25 May – 29 May | Melbourne, Australia
Best Achievement in Editing
27 May – 30 May | Dungog, Australia

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