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I Lavoratori del Mare

NATO chemical weapons left after the Second World War in the Adriatic sea. Today the casings of these bombs are consuming. The mustard gas is spreading into the waters. It is since 99 days that the fishermen's nets, dropped in the sea, pick up only rubbish. The only remained fishes are on the beach, where they lie stranded. No one wants to understand the origin of the disaster.

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The film “ Toilers of the sea”, was born after an annual student workshop, and rises from a reflection on the conflicting relationship between the city of Molfetta and the sea.
Molfetta is a medium-sized city in the southern Italian region of Puglia, on the Adriatic coast, that for hundreds of years has been with the fishing, the primary source of wealth and prosperity for its inhabitants.
In recent years, the port of Molfetta, that after the one of Ancona has been the most productive of the Adriatic sea, is going through a reduction in the number of vessels and workers due to several reasons.
The city is developing the industrial base as well as the commercial one, as evidenced by the industrial area and the enlargement of the port for the freight yard, and by the number of hypermarkets and shopping centers in which people pour in looking for new amusements.
In addition to this, the financial incentives of the European Union of the '90s reduced the national fleet to realign it with that one of other countries. And so the remaining boats have welcomed groups of workers from Romania, Africa and often from Senegal, who through their own work combined with the great maritime tradition of the city, contributed to preserve the fishing “leadership” in Molfetta.
Recently has appeared the nightmare of post-war mustard gas explosive devices that NATO abandoned after the Second World War. The security envelopes are deteriorating, causing serious risks to flora and fauna. The reclamation project of the surrounding sea, however, has been overshadowed by other needs arising from the enlargement of the seaport for economic and business purposes.


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Best Documentary
9 Aug – 13 Aug | Italy

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9 Aug – 13 Aug | Italy
Best Documentary
Arter.i.e. - Rassegna Di Ipotesi Espressive | 2010
2 Sep – 5 Sep | Cantalupo in Sabina, Italy
24 Sep – 26 Sep | Pisciotta, Italy
23 Oct – 30 Oct | Doi Saket, Thailand
18 Dec – 30 Dec | Abbasanta Norbello, Italy
25 Mar – 10 Apr | Cagliari, Italy
28 Mar – 4 Apr | Brescia, Italy
5 Apr – 15 Apr | Foggia, Italy

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