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A man who has withdrawn from society now lives in a field with a cherished pile of things that he adds to daily - a monument of junk, a shrine of things forgotten and discarded. An eager woman watches, follows, questions the recluse.

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Warped social convention, capitalistic worship, and the search for meaning all leer wearily at us before we’re able to retreat; back to the first degree amongst 364 others: a doomed and looping dance.

Meathead is the aftermath of the girl of your dreams being hit by a car.
It is anarchic, alienating, slippery, unsettling, amoral, spinning, an indirect kick to the teeth, an asthmatic out of breath, pointed, skewering, unreasonable. It is a cracked circus mirror held up to a daily routine, and the reflection refracted is just familiar enough to identify with and foreign enough to reconsider.
Philosophically, it is underwritten by a few threads that vary in prominence: the genuflection of object and possession, the profane union of marriage, the oddly present awe that reverberates when throats are cut in a cut-throat system.




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