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Theckathil and the Gnomes

Theckathil, an adult human works in a tiny, child sized office run by accounting gnomes. Accounting gnomes, well-known for their hard work and diligence, attention to detail and practically non-existent dry sense of humour appear to Theckathil to be very serious, demanding and grumpy little bureaucrats. They run a Dickensian office worthy of Scrooge himself. Low ceilings, tiny desks, a high-up dirty little window allows a trickle of light to filter through. Perched at one of the tiny desks, Theckathil works through towers of paperwork that are threatening to topple over on to him at any moment as demands and abuse are thrown at him from his diminutive employers. During an economic slump, his gnomish bosses lay him off. In desperation, Theckathil applies for one unfulfilling clerk job after another, working his way through a series of extraordinarily absurd employers, until the day his proposal for a housecat hand-painted watercolour studio is misinterpreted as a fictional children’s story. It is published with resounding success, launching a career, and giving him a new life he had never dreamed possible.

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A modern urban administrative fairytale. 3D animation and live actors merge to create a fantasy world of gnomes, giants and towers of paperwork.




Copyright © 2014 Jake Kent

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