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There is an area about 90 kilometers after leaving France towards Corsica, where the continent disappears behind and peaks in the distance are not yet visible. Earth is watching us more. The sea. The sky. All over. It is said that sometimes there, you can confuse the two... The image is reversed as the retina of the eye, we perceive almost the slowdown of the world. At this point of time and space "zero", the reality will be different. Not on the plane, no... It will continue his path in a straight line without a perceptible change in the controls. But in the music. To start. As a Bermuda Triangle of sound. Everything crashed, everything becomes enigmatic, values previously stable becomes erratic, different ... The sea and sky confusion is palpable in the material sounds. The mirage effect in the mirror will now extend the display. Real and artificial images now operate in parallel, and our landmarks are blurred, our sensations strange, indistinct. Anyway, it is so high now ... Maybe in the back, back through the "Bimini Road", things will again become what they were. Or not.

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Music and video were created together, aiming a solid creative work.
airplane journey digital




Copyright © 2014 Doidy Florian

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18 Oct – 26 Oct | Szczecin, Poland

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