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Hyena's Blood

Drug trafficking between Mexico and the Unites States began as a response to U.S. opium demand during World War II. In 1973 President Richard Nixon headed the Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA was tasked to combat an 'all-out global war on the drug menace.' When the DEA launched 'Operation Condor', the most ambitious drug crop eradication program to date, Mexico had become a major opium and marijuana production site. It was the main supplier of both drugs to the United States market. Paul Kavinsky was a corrupt ex cop and DEA officer who specialized in poppy field suppression in Vietnam. Against his will, he was forced to leave his hometown to go to Mexico, charged with the task of cleaning up the opium fields. He then became directly involved with drug traffickers in Mexico and started to eradicate
opium poppy plantations and convert them instead... to the man made production of cocaine. A new era had begun.

Film notes

This short film is the result of my investigation into an issue that I did not fully understand and that I still grapple with. The only thing I feel comfortable saying is that what we have done so far has been useless. The harder the law hits the more explosive and destructive criminality’s answer is. Perhaps a "war against" is the wrong approach. War is a living organism that differs significantly from ours; unlike the human body it does not decompose over time... It’s an organism that feeds itself with fear, weapons, violence, offshore bank accounts, and tons of pain. War doesn’t know what scientist call “senescence”—or biological aging; war’s DNA will keep on replicating until the end of time if we let it do so. A war against drugs, by virtue of its nature, cannot have an end; it cannot and will not have winners and losers. That’s why this critical situation needs a completely new and much more mindful approach. What we need, in my mind, is a policy that is miles away from the hypotrophy and the myopia that characterizes our current politicians and their solutions to these pressing issues.




Copyright © 2014 Nicolas Caicoya

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