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The Christmas Guest

Melanie Shaw is preparing for her first Christmas with her boyfriend Graeme Cook. From baking cookies to trimming the tree, Melanie is in her element readying the home for the festive season. She is interrupted by the sound of banging on the front door, making the mistake of opening it and letting Justine into her home. Once restrained, Melanie has to listen to Justine’s story of how she was once a person, experiencing everything that the human experience has to offer, only to have it unfairly snatched away from her by Graeme Cook. Reborn as a Vampire, Justine is now seeking revenge and Melanie’s death is just the start.

Film notes

The Christmas Guest is a suspenseful short film about what happens when problems return. A film featuring combining tension and melancholy with Emma Beaver displaying a lead performance tinged with sadness as the victim who returns to the home of her killer.

It was decided during the edit that the original as scripted version of The Christmas Guest wasn’t portraying the sense of fear and tension that was required of the piece. As a result it was re-edited to ensure Justine’s appearance came much sooner and that tension and unease were much more prevalent. The use of close ups and deliberate unexpected focus shifts unsettling the audience as Justine’s plans start to take effect, the faded pallet and choice of music all reflect the depression that has settled onto the house since her arrival.




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