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Daisuke, a flawless and dogmatic samurai, is entrusted by his feudal master Yoshiaki to eliminate Takeshi, a samurai now turned ronin who broke the bushido code after killing Ioshiyuki, one of the master’s personal bodyguards. Just before Daisuke begins his search, he part ways with his wife. The Woman warns him that, whatever he does, he must do the right thing. After passing through lush forests, Daisuke finds a dead bird stacked to the crust of a tree, with the blood still fresh. Daisuke knows that is a warning sign indicating him that Takeshi’s presence is nearby. Daisuke arrives into an open field where he finally sees Takeshi’s figure in the undergrowth. Daisuke tries to approach Takeshi stealthily from behind, but he notices his presence. Takeshi confronts Daisuke about his blind obedience towards Yoshiaki and his lack of self will. Both of them seem to know each other for a long time. Daisuke tries without success to convince Takeshi about de gravity of his acts, but there’s no reconciliation possible. Takeshi provokes Daisuke into a sword fight and they both withdraw their katanas. Takeshi attacks Daisuke aggressively but he blocks and dodges his blows. Takeshi continues attacking until Daisuke makes a deep cut in his arm, wounding him considerably. Takeshi suppresses his pain and counterattacks with rage but Daisuke gives him the crushing blow when he penetrates into his chest with his katana. While Takeshi bleeds out in the undergrowth, he shares an anecdote regarding him and Daisuke when they were little and Takeshi used to beat him with the boken. Takeshi recognizes Daisuke’s superiority as a rival and dies. Daisuke kneels besides Takeshi’s body and starts withdrawing his dagger. He takes a deep breath and performs himself the hara-kiri. Both samurais lie over the undergrowth while the twilight hides behind the trees.




Copyright © 2014 Mariano Samengo

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