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Nam is suffering from "gender identity disorder," the man has been seeking self-identity. Even he has a physical in a man body, the heart of the soul is female. In the process of seeking gender identity, he has thought he was sick, gay and cross-dresser. He is also confused, grief. He is very distressed and unable to find mind in any position. Because he don’t know that the unidentified confusion come from. He sits on the park and calls friends to talk. Father is a traditional man, a successful career. Because his wife gone, he has pay more attention for Nam and hold a desired attitude on him. He finally choose to no longer be silent. He is seeking in help that find in Internet for information. In a toilet ,Nam is step by step in changing clothes, make-up, making the lipstick, eyeliner day, changing sound, wearing in wigs, play girl walking. He recovered his identity - woman. Father discovered Nam has stolen the clothes and eaten female hormones. Nam finally fled the room and come out. After, he was locked in the room by Father. They are into rigid relationship, mutual disregard. Nam was trapped in the room and he was wondering what their identity is, what is right or wrong. He torn clothes and put on his clothes in conflict. After father try to understanding the Nam, he require nam do back a man.



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