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Colt 13

Jack Muldoon was a Rugby League phenomenon with the world at his feet; Billy, his older brother, was a drunken mess, crippled by Jack's fast growing shadow. But a cruel twist of fate tore their existence at the seams and now, 13 years later, Jack is left clinging to shattered dreams and a pension funded booze habit. To make matters worse, Billy's back in town to help bury their Father and has now achieved everything that Jack ever wanted to - family, success and respect. Bitter to the core, Jack wants answers as to how it all went wrong. And he'll stop at nothing to get them.

Film notes

Is confronting the past the only way forward to the future? If so, what if the past holds an event too heinous to face? How do we then seek salvation? Through forgiveness? But what if the sins of the past are too mighty to be forgiven? What then? Does blood have to be shed yet again for any hope of redemption and resolution??

The answers to the questions I sought are buried deep within the project that inspired them – the short film 'Colt 13' - my cathartic ode to small town broken dreams and lost brotherhood, inspired by the Cain and Abel parable, the music of Bruce Springsteen and the directorial works of Sean Penn.

Long live personal storytelling.

- Luke McKay, Writer/Director




Copyright © 2015 Luke McKay Pathos Pictures

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