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Bir Maç Günlüğü

People of all ages are watching Turkey play Holland in a soccer match. Hüseyin, a middle-aged man is excitedly following the game. Hüseyin and many other soccer fans inside the cafe are so absorbed in the game that they have no idea what is going on outside.

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A number of young people lost their lives during the Gezi Park protests in Turkey last summer. Although the protests were widespread and had many supporters, a considerable amount of people in Turkey were desensitized or uncaring to the historical events that were occurring in their country. People were even indifferent to the death of an innocent, 14-year old boy, who stepped out on the street to buy bread for his family and was hit in the head by a tear gas canister. The police continuously fired tear gas into the streets in a systematic manner, oppressing people's right to freedom of speech and right to protest against the government. However, some Turkish citizens considered this to be nothing more than a minor inconvenience or disruption to their daily schedules : after coming home slightly later than usual, they went on watching TV as normally did, uncaring about the police violence that was occurring right outside their doors. The starting point of this film was inspired by these events, particularly the use of football as a type of "opium" for the society.




Copyright © 2014 Deniz Özden

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