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Aurore is dying. Her illness has confined her to a bed and Claire is at her side, waiting for the inevitable end to come. But Aurore has a final gift for her: a diary where she tells the story of their love. With the snowflakes falling outside the window, Claire will look at their love story through the eyes of her beloved; a love so unique it will only live in the pages of a book.

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The characters in "Snowflake" are in a situation where they have to choose between denying their truth or having a chance at happiness... the hardest thing for most human beings.
We all live with regrets. Bigger or smaller, we all have some. So living with the haunting words "what if" stuck in your mind can be highly distructive if those regrets are based on fear.
We live in a society that keeps repeating how we have to live and who we have to be in order to be successful, happy and accepted. If we let that fear of being "different" (but different from what exactly?) take control, we'll build up our own prison and we'll become a projection of what we think we should be. We won't be true to ourselves and we would become our worst enemy.
"Snowflake" is a love story but it isn't just about love. It's about the decisions we take in life and how they represent us.
I sincerely hope the film touches people and invites them to face their fears (whatever their are): we are what we do and happiness is quite often out there. We're simply too scared to reach out.

Production Notes
This project was originally planned as my thesis project from the Rome Film School (Scuola di Cinema di Roma). But right after we finishing classes, the school went through some serious financial issues and they decided to close it for good, leaving us students with no final projects at all. It was 2010. At that point, having already an american actress attached (Ele Keats), I decided to do the film anyway, using my own money to fund the production (the funding process took almost 4 years to be completed).




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