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Sleepwalker Romance

A boy leaves a dandelion on the grass. He is walking, sitting on a bank, looking at his clock, then looking up. When he looks up he sees the sleepwalker girl. The girl sits down at her usual spot, the girl picks up the dandelion and blows it. And the boy in return, blows a party horn. The girl goes to sleep, boy puts a blanket over her. This cycle repeats 4 other times, as the boy puts a new object, the girl uses that object, and the boy uses an object relevant to the first object to create the sense that they are doing something together. After this part, the boy just touches the grass, indicating he doesn't put anything for another night following, then the girl cannot find anything. The boy then sets up a music box. The sleepwalker girl starts dancing when she hears the sound of the music box. As the dancing progresses, the boy gets more and more excited. And out of this excitement, he makes a mistake and claps. And the girl wakes up at that moment. Seeing the boy, she walks over waiting for an explanation. The boy hesitates, but then he realizes how he can explain the situation. He picks up and shows the girl the blanket that he puts over the girl each night. The girl is shocked, but as she realizes how sweet of an act that is, she becomes rather happy and smiles.

Film notes

One of my main goals was to tell a story of an interaction without the use of dialogues. I wanted just the video to be able to tell the story. Just with the visual, and showing different objects in this visual, to the best of my ability, I tried to convey the story of a sleepwalker and her rather sweet stalker. I tried to show that the stalker boy tries to create the sense that they are sharing this moment. At the very end, the only possible connection that the girl could remember, which is the blanket, is used as an object for them to meet for the very first time.



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