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In a big city, eight people have their lives connected by a radio program called “Intermezzo”. Such radio program supports listeners in overcome loneliness. During the program, the “Speaker” gets a call from a desperate “Woman”, who is a hotel room; she wants to say her last words to the world. In spite of her despair, there’s an optimistic and naïve “Poet”, waiting for his businessman, to talk about his first book. But something is wrong and the “Poet’ ends his night in a cafe. The cafe owner is also a “Bartender”. He employs just one “Waitress” and she works very hard but her wage is low. The café is almost always empty, however, there’s a mysterious costumer: a “Lonely” woman who is there every night to listen to “Intermezzo”. Such obsession is also a feature of Neighbor”. Every night, she listen to it, wishing a call from her missing husband. Her “Next door” is moving to another country, that night he talks to her to say goodbye and they get closer. “Dissonances” talks about unnoticed usual people in this world.

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The narrator connects characters and public, he walks everywhere meeting the characters. We can hear his thoughts. And it conveys the idea of consciousness the narrator in relation to the characters.




Copyright © 2013 Anderson Franco

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