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Un Pingouin Peut en Cacher Un Autre

Jo is bored. When Jo is bored he eats. A lot. The problem is, he works at a 24/7 Asian food court, and tonight, Jo is bored to hell. Is he so bored he starts imagining things ? Or did he eat something funky ? Only Jo knows. Or does he ? Fact is that his food sends him a message : « Don't feed the penguin ! » Jo is not quite sure what to make of this, but his customers certainly start looking more and more penguin-ish. With each penguin he sees, he becomes increasingly paranoid, up to the point where he can't handle it anymore. After getting it out of his system in the bathroom, he gets back to the shop. When he comes back, he encounters the infamous penguin he must not feed under any circumstances. The problem is the penguin didn't exactly wait for his permission and ate all of Jo's customers' heads. The penguin starts growing, bloating and exploding and becomes a giant "Penguzilla". Or does he ?

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When your food tries to warn you about penguins, stop listening.
food godzilla




Copyright © 2014 Alena Krizenecky

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