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Last Day with Lizzy

Mark is a troubled father who longs to rebuild a relationship with his distant daughter Elizabeth. While spending one last day together, Mark slowly comes to terms with a devastating past and the realization that something is not quite right with his teenage daughter.

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Last Day with Lizzy is a unique short film about an estranged relationship between and father and a daughter. The film covers grief, acceptance and the process of forgiveness.

As a first time writer and director, I was interested in expressing the emotional rollercoaster that a parent goes through when forced to let go of a child that has passed on. Parents that are estranged from their living children will also be able to connect with the film as their daily loss is similar in nature. I know this pain all too well as I have been estranged from my own teenage daughter, Maddie. Symbolic in nature, my motivation for wanting to create such a dramatic film was based on our estranged relationship and my desire as a father in rebuilding a connection that has been non-existent since 2007. The decision to dedicate the film to my daughter actually came later during the post-production phase of the film. I was lying in bed and thought to myself, (most of my ideas come at night) I need to dedicate this film to her because maybe this film will help us reconnect. The next day I came to my senses and passed off the idea as highly unlikely. But I did come to understand that the film is much bigger than just one relationship and has the potential in helping thousands of families suffering from grief and loss.

I love films that are powerful and meaningful. My interest as a writer and director are films that have the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives by touching on deep emotional situations. Last Day with Lizzy fits this criteria. It’s my desire that the film provides hope and a sense of comfort to mothers, fathers, daughters and sons dealing with grief, loss and estrangement.




Copyright © 2014 Matt Duhamel

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