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Maestros at Play

Four boys from Salvador, Bahia (in the northeast of Brazil) are having fun in a landscape, high up in the old city. Meanwhile, in São Paulo, teen skateboarders seem to blend into their urban surroundings. Back in Bahia, older kids are breakdancing and playing capoeira merge in an accelerated fashion as if preparing for the end of adolescence.

Film notes

This film attempts to capture a little of the innocence and joy of youth, however fleeting this can appear to be. The camerawork and editing try to juxtapose distance to show that life is really a question of perspective.

The flautist, Julian Cawdrey, chose the Paganini piece as it captures the essence of playfulness but has an urgency, a reminder that this won't last forever.

The four protagonists at the beginning are boys doing what any four friends of that age would do anywhere in the world: looking for ways to have fun, irrespective of what's going on around them. What the camera doesn't show is where the other reality of where they live - a favela known as Nordeste de Amaralina, one of the most violent in the state of Bahia. In a few years time one of these kids may no longer be around - another statistic to add to young, afro-Brazilian boys who don't make it to adulthood.
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Previous screenings

Elche Independent Film Festival
25 Jul – 31 Jul | Elche, Spain
Autumn Shorts Film Festival | 2014
18 Aug – 24 Aug | United States

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