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I am Monster

Vivienne's extraordinary fetishism has taken her to a new level: necrophilia. She gets her kicks by violating the dead in a hospital morgue on the outskirts of the city, discarding them like trash. Tonight, however, Vivienne gets a whole new taste of what the dead can provide when she meets Jason, a fresh body who has some ideas of his own.

Film notes

Necrophilia is one of the most taboo subjects in society. It’s an uncomfortable combination of rape, lust, control, compliance, life, sex, and death that isn’t explored in cinema outside of the glossy veneer of the supernatural in the form of vampires, zombies, or even ghosts.

Vivienne isn’t a true necrophile, however. She’s a fetishist who has zeroed in on the dead as the perfect partners for her: they can’t hurt her, they can’t do anything to her that she doesn’t want done, they can’t talk to her, and she doesn’t have to see them again. Through her fetishism, we examine society’s preoccupation with sex and beauty, voyeurism, the horrors of rape and abuse, and the psychology of one woman as she embarks on a night that has the potential to change her life completely.



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