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As a child Ketje spend his vacation in the village of his aunt Virginie. Herman, the local, rather strange pharmacist is desperately looking for the Diamond of the birds. Ketje joins him on his quest, but has more interest in an ugly moth.

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"Diamond" looks for the true nature of the world outside us. The fact that each individual has his own perception of reality, and there is only one, requires us to examine the glasses through which we look at our environment.
This film invites her audience to open the cultural glass windows to let the light come in again unobstructed.
It seems that the deeper we look in the small, the deeper we see the large.

The story of this film makes a link between two major misunderstandings: can arrange living creatures along a scale of value;
b.the distance to happiness can be reduced through a pair of binoculars.

And herein lies the connection: one must not look too far - stop prejudging is enough, and then see. As a child.

That's what our little boy, 'Ketje'- the main character - naturally does and what Herman, while desperately looking for the kingfisher, will find out much later.
For years he runs blindly down the beauty around his feet.
Eventually, the natural curiosity of the child and the far-reaching fixation of Herman will lead to an inescapable confrontation.
kingfisher buddhism nature happiness binoculars moth virgin mary



Copyright © 2013 Kris Mergan

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Previous screenings

28 Feb – 9 Mar | Brussels, Belgium
19 Mar – 23 Mar | Utrecht, Netherlands
8 May – 15 May | Seoul, Korea, South

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