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Richard Sanitarium is a U.S. Senator who believes in the traditional family and is using his opposition to gay marriage in his run for the presidency. Along with his wife, Karen, and political aide, Malcom Scott, he is touring the country denouncing homosexuality and promoting the nuclear family. After a spectacularly successful talk in his hometown, he is interrupted by Malcolm and scrambles to finish his speech. Senator Sanitarium later confronts Malcolm and admonishes him for interrupting his speech. He admits to Malcolm his concern about his mistress's possible indiscretions, and sends Malcolm to spy on her. Malcolm tracks Beth down at her house and, upon hearing noises in her bedroom he climbs a ladder to investigate. As he is ready to take photographic evidence of Beth's indiscretions, he is surprised to discover that she is with another woman. The senator shows up drunk at his mistress’s home and finds his wife, his mistress and his aide all in the bedroom. He is furious and instigates a fight with Malcolm. Unbeknownst to the Senator, all of this action has been recorded on Malcolm's smartphone. The photos are then used against him as they are published, ending both his run for the presidency and his marriage. Karen and Beth run away to Canada and get married.

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A political satire about a Senator and his strong opposition to gay marriage. Complications arise as he suspects his mistress of cheating on him.



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