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Sometimes you just got to take a step back. That is what Neka needs to learn. Neka is created in an unknown world. He enters the world when he is created by birds. He tries to make contact with the other creatures in that world, but he gets rejected by them. Neka is too direct, he does not respect their personal space. He goes to them and tries to touch them immediately. The animals get scared and run away or hide. When the spider approaches Neka from behind, he gets a feeling that the other animals also got. Neka’s personal space gets invaded by the spider, and he when he sees his own reflection in a puddle, he realizes that he did not respect the personal space of the other animals. Later he encounters a hare. At first, Neka wants to do the same thing again, try and touch the animal immediately. But then he remembers the spider. He respects the hares space, he takes a step back and waits. The hare gets used to him and comes towards Neka. He is even able to touch the hare. This leads to Neka's first contact with the world. This gives Neka peace. After he has found peace and contact, he turns into birds again, ready to be recreated somewhere else.
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