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Among The Innocent

Bella sits on her bed and gently opens her new music box. Wonderful music starts to play as a porcelain ballerina begins to dance. She takes out a picture of soldier from its drawer and turns the photograph to see "See you soon, Love Dad" written on the back. She plays with her dolls making them dance to the music box. Suddenly her mother frantically runs in her room crying with her little brother on her hip and holding two child sized gas masks. Her mother puts a mask on Bella and looks out the window to an ominous sight. With the end near, Bella's mother grabs her and her little brother and huddles together on the floor. Bella stands up and looks out the window as a red mushroom cloud explodes in the distance, eviscerating everything in its path. The wind rushes in as the shock wave approaches.

Film notes

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to share our short film, Among the Innocent, with you. The privilege is greatly appreciated. Inspired by Melancholia and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Among the Innocent is a disaster film that portrays the tragedy of war and the devastation that is caused, told from the perspective of a child.

We hope that you enjoy the film and collaborative efforts to create a beautiful yet tragic disaster film.

- Christine McDermott




Copyright © 2013 Louis Mansfield

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