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In Vilanova de Arousa, a village on the west coast of Galicia, Andrés and his two grandchildren, Tomé and Xan, have gone fishing one last time before summer reaches its end. The sun beats strong and the worms writhe in search of shade. Xan holds his marble against the sky. Tomé throws his fishing line away from the stern of the boat. Back to the port, Andrés commands a bow that never tires of sailing the waves of the Atlantic while Xan and Tomé fish the last mackerels of the day.

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"We don't know where life will take us, but we know where we come from, who are our loved ones and which is the land that gave us birth. And if we have a clear mind about this, we've already gone a long way".

As soon as I heard these words I thought: ¡How wise! I want to know, I want to understand about my people and my roots. Is the only way to move forward. A look into the past, an observation upon the memory with the objective of bringing it to the epicentre of a personal and global interest. That is how Curricán was born, as a result of one of many dessert conversations with my loved ones at home. Most of the time, the stories that you are able to tell are right there, if front of your eyes. Simple stories that we might have heard hundreds of times, suddenly acquiring and extraordinary touch. Curricán is one of those stories of simple surface but a difficult-to-dissect heart. A cast of seemingly ordinary characters who hide behind a life full of passion and enthusiasm.

How do we behave? How do we relate to one another? How do we understand life? Curricán tries to re-interpret these questions in a simple, unpretentious and ascetic way.

Xan Curricán guides us through the streets of Vilanova de Arousa, a village full of great images and endless epiphanies.




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