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In a post-apocalyptic future, a man puts his life at stake to recover the collective memory of humanity.

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From the beginning, the idea of ‘3665’ was talking about the past from the future. The memories have always been part of being human. The single evocation builds a collective process that confers a shared sense to form an entity that we call collective memory. If that memory was manipulated at the whim of a few, the past will never exist and could alter the present and human behavior. When Bruce Bethke coined the term ‘cyberpunk’ to a literary subgenre, he didn’t expect that the speculative stops being the science fiction so soon. What looked like futuristic illusions are set in our every day routine, social networks show an alternative deforming real life and the “human” begins to question. Everything is linked to the Internet, the memory is conceptualized to a chip and the world around us under tyranny becomes addictive.

Beyond a futuristic reflection, the present does not become optimism nor the welfare of an equitable society, nor a crumbling economy or governments’ corruption, much less with the manipulation by large corporations on a social control. In this future scenario ‘3665’ is proposed a kind of film in advance, hoping in the existence of persons seeking to survive the reconstructed society under absolutism technological and economic submission, humanizing the essence of freedom against world’s oppressive regime.




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